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Aviation & History Links

Here are some internet sites that you can check out for more information about WWII and WWI aviation history. Most have links (some a whole lot of links) and should give you a good start at finding answers to aviation history questions. If you find any of these links are bad, please let me know. Each link should open in a new browser window. Just close that window to return to this page. Randy

E-mail me your link and some info about it and I will review it for addition to my links page. Sites that load poorly or are not related to general WWI or WWII aviation history may not be included.

Email to Randy Wilson: avhistory@rwebs.net

Links last verified on 27 July, 2004
I need to find time to research and add newer links

Commemorative Air Force & American Airpower Heritage Museum Links

Official American Airpower Heritage Museum Site
Take a virtual tour of the AAH Museum.
Official Commemorative Air Force Site
Check out the CAF's Ghost Squadron of flying WWII aircraft.
CAF Members Only Site
You need to be a member to access this site.
Info on the annual CAF AIRSHO at CAF HQ, Midland, Tx.
High Sky Wing Official Site
The web home of the High Sky Wing of the CAF in Midland, Texas. This is my "home" Wing.
CAF Blastards Official Site
The West Texas Wing pyrotechnics group that along with the CAF EOD group helps make the air shows more realistic when it comes to bombs and other bangs.
CAF SB2C Helldiver Official Site
Check out the schedule and other news about one of the planes I've been flying these last few years. This is the last flying SB2C in the world.

WWII in Color

Jeff Ethell's Books and Color Images of WWII
Jeff's collection of original WWII color slides is one of the largest I know of, at least in private hands. Jeff was a good friend and I am fortunate to have permission to use a number of his images to illustrate this web site. From this link, you can order color prints and books, as well as learn a bit about Jeff.
World War II Color Archives
This is the new home for Jeff Ethell's collection of color photos and images from World War Two. I'll have more information about what's available on the site in the near future.

WW II Aviation Links - U.S.

357th Fighter Group"Yoxford Boys"
WWII History of the Yoxford Boys, the 357th fighter group.
8th Air Force in World War II
Info on 8th AF fighter, bomber and transport groups, reunions, etc. Also accepts research requests.
American Aces of WWII
Info on both the pilots and their planes.
The Cactus Air Force
In honor of those who defended the skies over Guadalcanal in 1942.
Eight Air Force Historical Society
A good place to start learning about the Eight AF, with aircraft and bomb group info.
Fourth Fighter Group USAAF in WWII
The official website of the Association of the Fourth Fighter Group, Army Air Forces, World War II.
Helicopter's History Site
Evolution of rotary wing aircraft from the earliest days to the present.
The Little Friends Home Page
Info on 8th AF fighter group stations, markings, call signs, etc.
Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum
Includes a number of links to fighter and bomber group web sites.
The Official "Flying Tigers" Site
Just what it says - official site for the American Volunteer Group.
Planes and Pilots of WW II
An online magazine featuring veterans' own stories and articles.
George Rarey's World War II Air Force Cartoon Journals
The sketchbook journals of Capt. George Rarey, a young commercial artist drafted into the Army Air Force in World War II.
United States Strategic Bombing Survey - Pacific War
The complete text of the 1 July, 1946 summary report.
Zeno's Warbird Video Drive-In
Watch World War II aircraft training films live over the Internet.

WW II Aviation Links - Allied Aircraft

Battle of Britain
With lists of squadrons and pilots.
FAF: Finnish Air Force
Data and stories about the Finnish Air Force.
Fleet Air Arm Archive, FAA, 1939-1945 Official web site
Dealing with the Fleet Air Arm of the British Royal Navy and Naval Aviation in the Commonwealth and around the World 1939-1945.
The Hawker Hurricane Site
Photos and drawings of this famous fighter.
RAF Museum
The Royal Air Force RAF Museum official web site contains pictures, photos and information on military aviation, including all planes and aircraft in the Hendon & Cosford collections.
Royal Air Force Organisational History
A history of the organizational structure of the RAF.

WW II Aviation Links - Axis Aircraft

12 O'Clock High! Luftwaffe Page
Ruy Horta's site has a lot of Luftwaffe information plus numerous links.
Hugo Junkers History
Hugo Junkers home page. Histories of the companies, aircraft and engines.
Ruhrstahl-Kramer X-4
Information about one of Germany's guided anti-aircraft weapons.
Info on the Me 262 jet fighter/bomber and its pilots, plus photos and lots of details about the new Me 262s being built in the Seattle, WA area.

Other Aviation History Links

Aviation History Archives
Info on WWI thru modern aircraft and engines, plus the Jesse Davidson Aviation History Archives
Chandelle: a Journal of Aviation History
A forum for original writing, photographs, and artwork related, however loosely, to the less familiar aspects of the history of aviation.
Evergreen Aviation Museum
Home of Howard Hughes' "Spruce Goose" flying boat.
Ghosts Online
The aviation photography of Philip McKanna.
National Museum of Naval Aviation
Official USN aviation museum.
Igor I. Sikorsky Historical Archives
Information about the man, his company, flying boats, other aircraft and helicopters.
Plane Writing
Quotes from vintage writing about flying, plus early pilots' biographies.
Robert L. Scott Fan Club Assn.
A site dedicated to the author of God Is My Co-Pilot.
Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
NASM maintains the largest collection of historic air and spacecraft in the world. It is also a vital center for research into the history, science, and technology of aviation and space flight.
U.S. Air Force Historical Research Agency
Unit histories and many other special collections are available to the public.
U.S. Air Force Museum
Over 300 aircraft and missiles on display. Open 9-5 daily. Free admissions and parking. Located in Dayton Ohio.

WW II General History Links

Frank Ambrose Photography
Aerial and ground images of the later part of WWII, taken as a USAAF photographer, mostly 15th AF in Italy.
USAAF World War II Links
Links to World War Two U.S. Army Air Force Sites including squadrons, groups, aircraft, aircraft phots, air battles, personal accounts and histories.
World War II Links on the Internet
Links to battles, countries and much more related to WWII.

World War I Aviation Links

The Aerodrome
Aces and aircraft of World War I plus WWI links.
Color images and videos of replica WWI aircraft.
Over the Front
Site for this WWI aviation periodical and The League of World War One Aviation Historians. Some images and stories.

Interesting, Unusual or Just Plain Different History Links

Bletchley Park
Home of Great Britain's codebreakers in World War II. Check out The Colossus Rebuild Project!


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