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Links to Microcomputer History Sites

Here are a few links I've found which deal with the early history of microcomputing. If you know of others that should be listed, drop me an e-mail. Randy

Links last verified on 25 June 2003

Timeline of Microcomputers
Significant events in the development of the microcomputer by year and month.
The Obsolete Computer Museum
A very nice collection of images and info about micros of all kinds.
The Machine Room
Basic info on a lot of early micros.
Herb's Stuff
A collection of S-100 and other computers, including some documentation.
Jim's Computer Garage/Museum
He not only collects them but offers repair and restoration services.
Computer Museum of America
Not a lot of detail but still interesting.
Univ. of Calif. at Davis Computer Science Museum
Includes a timeline and displays of various micros.
Univ. of Virginia, Computer Science Museum
Some interesting images of not just microcomputers but many early computers and I/O devices. A very large page, very slow to load. The micros are located about half way down the page.

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