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When PCs Were Micros

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A Look Back at the Early Days of Personal Computing
from 1975 to the end of the 1970s

From the cover of ROM magazine, August 1977 issue.
The artist's name is Robert Grossman.

When I set out in 1976 to purchase a microcomputer system, I collected a lot of literature from many companies. Over the next few years, I built a number of boards and micro systems and collected more info. I've decided to publish a bit of this literature, to give others who didn't get such an early start a taste of the "good" old days of small computers. Since the text has been OCR'd, you may find some errors or minor gotchas. Feel free to point them out by e-mail. I'm debating even writing a history of those days, from the micro consumer's viewpoint. If you have any questions please e-mail me. Enjoy. Randy Wilson

P.S. The structure of this site is in flux, as I decide what I'm going to add and how to organize the information. If you need a little help navigating the site, please use our Table of Contents. Thanks. Randy

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When PCs Were Micros - Bits and pieces of history about the "good" old days of microcomputers
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