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Air Group 31
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From the cruise book of Air Group 31

Cruise books were a form of "yearbook" for U.S. naval ships and aviation units. They typically contain photos of most of the unit members, cartoons and a brief history of the unit. I was given this book by a family member of an AG-31 pilot. In the back of the book, there was a photograph of the bogus citation, listed below.

Bomber pilots' view of Fighter pilots
VT-31 TBM pilots pull the leg of their VF-31 Hellcat pilots
A Bogus Citation for AG-31
When not in action, minds and typewriters turned to humor

AG31mky.JPG - 16.5 K "I Fly Hellcats"

Obviously the torpedo bomber pilots of VT-31 could not let this opportunity pass to fire another round at the fighter pilots of VF-31. The fighter vs. bomber war of words continues to this day.

Bogus Citation

AG31cit.JPG - 92.5 K

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