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Less Known Mags


Less Well-Known Magazines

ROM - Computer Applications For Living ($2.00)

This is the cover of the first issue of the magazine, dated July 1977. I think that the magazine published a dozen issues before going under. Some of the articles in this issue:

bulletHome Computers: Here Today, Everywhere Tomorrow
bulletThe Care and Feeding of Your Home Computer
bulletAltair and the Art of Motorcycle Shop Maintenance

and my favorite...

bulletDigital Foam: The Sexiest Peripheral
Computer Notes (50)

This is Volume 3, Issue 4 dated September 1977. Some of the articles:

bulletNeed an Inexpensive CRT?
bulletBuild Your Own Interface
bulletWhat's Microcomputer Class Without an Altari 8800b
bulletProgrammable I/O Made Possible With the PIA
bulletGlitches: Troubleshooting the 88-4PIO
Recreational COMPUTING ($2.00)
formerly People's Computers

This copy is dated Jan - Feb 1979, and is Vol. 7, No. 4, Issue 37. By this time the Apple II and TRS-80s were fairly common, and were featured in many articles:

bulletA New Algorithm for Chess, Part 1
bulletApple II: Easy I/O Sensing and Control
bulletArtificial Intelligence

and in the Games and Stuff section:

bulletTRS-80: Miles Per Gallon Program
bulletAn Electronic Desk Calendar (for the TRS-80)
bulletBuilding a Hi-Res Shape Table for the Apple II
Computer Music Journal ($14.00 for 6 per year)

June 1977 saw this Vol. One, Number Three. Electronic sound and music was one popular use for micros. Articles include:

bulletSome Reflections on the Nature of the Landscape within which Computer Music Systems are Designed
bulletLexicon of Analyzed Tones
bulletThe Simulation of Moving Sound Sources

These guys were pretty serious! Randy


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