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More Images of My former Dr.I Triplane, N1839

Last Images taken 2 June, 2001

Streaming Video Clips of the Triplane

I have added a 7+ minute video clip of the triplane in action. To view the clip, you will need the free RealPlayer - see below for download info. There are two clips, depending on your Internet connection, either 28K or 56K modems. The 56K version needs a connection speed of 40+K to be reliable but is somewhat sharper and better.

Get the FREE Real Player here. Just be careful to look for the link for the FREE version and not an evaluation version or other that costs money, unless you want the other versions. The free version is all you need to view these clips.

Triplane Video Clip for 28K connections
Choose this if you are unsure of your Internet connection speed and bandwidth.
Triplane Video Clip for 56K connections
Choose this if you are connecting at greater than 40K.

Please note that these video clips are being streamed via HTTP and not from a RealMedia server. This means they may not stream well if serveral persons are trying to access them at once. If you have problems viewing the clips, please try again at another time.

DRI front quarter.jpg (22916 bytes) Captured from video taken on 12 Sep 1998.
Another video capture taken on 12 Sep 1998. DRI cockpit outside.jpg (22205 bytes)
DRI cockpit inside.jpg (22240 bytes) Video capture showing instruments and controls:
bulletSlip ball
bulletOil pressure & temp
bulletMag switches
bulletCarb heat
bulletParking brake
Video capture taken 12 Sep 1998 outside the hangar. DRI right side.jpg (20234 bytes)

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