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Mystery Planes
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From time to time, maybe monthly, I'm going to post an image of an unusual aircraft, for your enjoyment, I hope. There are no real rules to this "contest" - just that the plane was built and flew during the period from about 1935 through the end of 1945, or perhaps a bit later. I'll post the answer a days later. If you want to e-mail me with a guess, I'll try and post the first or most correct, or perhaps all interesting responses on this page. I'm not looking for a detailed history of any of the planes - hopefully I'll have that info already. Guesses should include the name of the manufacturer and any model information that is needed to identify the plane. My plan is to leave the images and answers here for later study. I warn you, some may be pretty easy and some may not. Have fun. Randy

Note: I've decided to give the Mystery Planes a rest for a while. I'm working on an online aviation quiz/trivia section to replace or augment it. Please feel free to look at the Previous Mystery Planes and their Solutions and check back soon to see what other brain-teasers I can come up with for your enjoyment. Randy


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