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Cromemco was based in Mountain View, Calif. and was an early proponent of the Zilog Z-80 CPU chip. Their first computer system was in fact, an IMSAI I-8080 chassis fitted with their own boards. Cromemco also produced some of the earliest bank-select memory boards - a solution to the limit of 64K RAM caused by the early CPUs. They were also early suppliers of Analog to Digital interface boards and even a very crude digital video camera, The Cyclops. Somewhere in my collection of boxes in storage I have a Cyclops and it did actually work - well, sort of.

The Z-1 Microprocessor Development System
A four page, spot color brochure describes Cromemco's first micro, which used the IMSAI I-8080 chassis, fitted with Cromemco's own Z-80 CPU board and other components.

Note: I have not OCR'd the text in this short brochure due to some shading and diagrams, but I think the images are readable. Randy


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