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PolyMorphic Systems was based in Santa Barbara, California, and produced only one microcomputer system that I can remember, the slim POLY 88. This was a conventional 8080-based S-100 system, but by arranging the boards front-to-back rather than side-to-side, the system was much thinner and smaller than others. This did result in fewer slots for boards but multiple POLY 88 boxes could be linked together - at least that's what was claimed.

The POLY 88 Microcomputer System
This four page B&W brochure with spot color, describes this compact S-100, Intel 8080-based system. The POLY 88 was a system I considered for my first micro, not wanting a front-panel then, but I finally selected the Vector Graphic chassis, due to its larger number of bus slots and slightly faster CPU clock speed.
Poly I/O Idea Board
An S-100 prototype "bread-board", used to develop and try out new board circuits and designs. If someone didn't make an interface or other special I/O card, you sometimes had to roll your own! Ah, those good old days.

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