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The 18A 8V and 2.5A 16V custom supply provides sufficient power for a full 18 boards. The transformer has a multiple tapped primary, all class B insulation and the 8V supply has a 150,000 mfd filter capacitor.


.093 material, soldermasked on both sides, plated through holes, 18 slots, provision for bus termination, .125 x .25 100 pin connectors.


The CPU board uses the 8080A Microprocessor and controls and processes all instructions and data within the VECTOR 1 computer. It contains the master timing circuit, eight input and eight output data lines to the bus and control circuits and the interrupt circuitry. The 8214 chip provides the computer with 8 level vectored priority interrupts with a current status register to control the interrupt threshold. Another desirable feature is the real time clock which can be used with the interrupt circuitry to generate timing synchronized with 60 Hz. The VECTOR 1 CPU board also uses the Intel 8224 clock generator, which provides proper crystal controlled clock waveforms.


This unique board has 1K of RAM and space for 2K of 1702A type EPROM and a jump-on-reset feature - hit reset and go to any location in memory determined by the first command on the PROM. A powerful 512 byte Monitor capable of 9 commands is programmed on 2 1702A PROMS:

A ASCII memory dump

D HEX memory dump

G Go to and execute program

L Load program from Tarbell tape cassette interface and execute

P Program memory from terminal

R Read Tarbell Cassette

T Test any block of memory, using a pseudorandom number sequence

V Verify cassette tape

W Write Tarbell Cassette


8K static RAM board, buffered address and datallnes, access time 450 ns, no wait states required, hardware 8K memory protect, low power consumption.


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