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US Pop Names
US Pop Names US Army US Navy Other Countries

U. S. Aircraft Popular Names 1939-45

Compiled by Randy Wilson
Copyright 1997-98 by Randy Wilson


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To look up a designation by the popular name, use this Popular Name Index table.

NOTE: Unofficial but common names are shown in quotes.

Manufacturer US Army
US Navy
US Name
British or
Export Name
Aeronca L-3   Grasshopper  
Beech AT-7 SNB-2 Navigator Navigator
AT-10   Wichita  
AT-11 SNB-1 Kansan  
C-43 GB/JB Traveler Traveler
C-45 JRB Expeditor Expeditor
(orig. Voyager)
Bell P-39   Airacobra Airacobra
  XFL-1 Airabonita  
P-59   Airacomet Airacomet
P-63 XF2L-1 Kingcobra Kingcobra
Boeing AT-15   Crewmaker  
B-17 PB Flying Fortress Fortress
B-29   Superfortress  
Boeing-Stearman PT-13/17/18/27 N2S Kaydet  
Brewster A-34 SB2A Buccaneer Bermuda
  F2A Buffalo Buffalo
  F3A (sub-contract
Vought F4U)
Corsair Corsair
Budd   RB Conestoga  
Cessna AT-8/17   Bobcat Crane (RCAF AT-17)
UC-78 JRC Bobcat  
Consolidated B-24 PB4Y-1 Liberator Liberator
  PB4Y-2 Privateer  
C-87 RY Liberator Liberator
(orig. Liberator Express)
OA-10 PBY, PB2B, PBV Catalina Catalina (RCAF Canso)
PB2B by Boeing and
PBV by Vickers in Canada
  PB2Y Coronado Coronado
Consolidated-Vultee B-32   Dominator  
  TBY Seawolf  
Curtiss AT-9   Fledgling/"Jeep"  
C-46 R5C Commando  
C-76   Caravan  
O-52   Owl  
P-36   Hawk Mohawk
P-40A to C   Warhawk Tomahawk
P-40D to N   Warhawk Kittyhawk
  SBC Helldiver Cleveland
A-25 SB2C Shrike/Helldiver Helldiver
  SC Seahawk  
  SNC Falcon "Demon"
  SOC Seagull  
  SO3C Seamew Seamew
(orig. Seagull)
XP-55   Ascender  
Douglas (DB-7/7A/7B)     Boston
A-20 BD Havoc Havoc
A-24 SBD Dauntless Dauntless
A-26 JD lnvader lnvader
B-18   Bolo Digby (RCAF)
B-23   Dragon  
C-47/49/53/68 R4D Skytrain/
C-54 R5D Skymaster Skymaster
P-70   Havoc
(orig. Nighthawk)
  SB2D/BTD Destroyer  
  TBD Devastator  
Fairchild AT-13   Yankee-Doodle  
AT-14/21   Gunner  
C-61 GK Forwarder Argus
PT-26     Cornell (RCAF)
Fisher P-75   Eagle  
Fleetwings BT-12   Sophomore  
General Motors
Eastern Division
  TBM Avenger Avenger
  FM-1 / -2 Wildcat Wildcat
Goodyear   FG-1 (sub-contract
Vought F4U)
Corsair Corsair
Grumman   F4F-3 Wildcat Martlet Mks I/II/III
  F4F-4 Wildcat Wildcat
  F6F Hellcat Hellcat
(orig. Gannet)
XP-50 XF5F-1 Skyrocket  
XP-65 F7F Tigercat Tigercat
  F8F Bearcat  
OA-12 JF/J2F Duck  
OA-9/13 JRF Goose Goose
OA-14 J4F Widgeon Widgeon
(orig. Gosling)
  TBF Avenger Avenger
(orig. Tarpon)
Howard UC-70 GH/NH none/Nightingale
(ambulance ver.)
lnterstate L-6   Grasshopper  
Lockheed A-28/29 PBO Hudson Hudson
C-56/60 R5O Lodestar Lodestar
C-69   Constellation  
P-38 FO Lightning Lightning
XP-58   Chain Lightning  
P-80   Shooting Star  
B-34/37 PV-1 Ventura Ventura
  PV-2 Harpoon  
McDonnell XP-67   Bat  
Martin XA-22     Maryland
A-30     Baltimore
B-26 JM Marauder Marauder
  PB2M/JRM Mars  
  PBM Mariner Mariner
Naval Acft. Factory   N3N "Yellow Peril"  
  PBN Nomad  
  SON (sub-contract
Curtiss SOC)
Noorduyn C-64 JA Norseman Norseman
North American A-36   Apache/Invader  
AT-6/16 SNJ Texan Harvard Mks IIA/IIB/III
B-25 PBJ Mitchell Mitchell
BC-1     Harvard Mks I/II
P-51   Mustang Mustang
P-82   Twin Mustang  
Northrop A-17A     Nomad
P-61 F2T Black Widow  
XP-56   Black Bullet  
XP-79B   Flying Ram  
Piper L-4 AE/HE/NE Grasshopper Cub
Republic AT-12   Guardsman  
P-43   Lancer  
P-44   Rocket  
P-47   Thunderbolt Thunderbolt
Ryan   FR Fireball  
PT-22 NR Recruit  
Sikorsky   JR2S Excalibur  
R-4 HNS   Hoverfly Mk I
Stinson C-81 R3Q Reliant Reliant
L-5 OY Sentinel Sentinel
Taylorcraft L-2   Grasshopper  
Timm   N2T Tutor  
Vought   F4U Corsair Corsair
  XF5U-1 Skimmer  
  OS2U Kingfisher Kingfisher
  SB2U Vindicator Chesapeake
Vultee A-31/35   Vengeance Vengeance
BT-13/15 SNV Valiant  
L-1   Vigilant Vigilant
P-66     Vanguard
XP-54   "Swoose Goose"  
Waco CG-4 LRW Haig Hadrian

Format inspired by Appendix 3 of American Aircraft of World War 2 in colour, by Kenneth Munson, 1983.

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