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World War II Aircraft Designations and Names

These are articles and tables concerning aircraft designations and names of U.S., Allied and Axis air forces during WWII. These were originally written as information for docents at the American Airpower Heritage Museum, and most have not been published before.

If you note any errors or omissions, please let me know by email. My email info is on the AvHistory home page. Thanks. Randy Wilson

American Aircraft Designation Systems and Names

U. S. Aircraft Popular Names 1939-45
A table of major & minor U.S. Army, Navy and export aircraft, showing popular names
U. S. Aircraft Popular Names Index 1939-45
Look up the maker and designation of an aircraft by its popular name
U. S. Naval Aircraft Designations 1939-45
Or why a Navy AT-6 is really an SNJ
U. S. Army Aircraft Designations 1939-45
Or how to decode a B-17F-10-VE
Other Countries aircraft designation systems. B-24s Bombing Mission.jpg (20019 bytes)

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