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WWII Operations, Design Analysis and Other Manuals

These are original WWII manuals and other publications which discuss the operation of aircraft, engines and other components. This is a new section and will be added to as time permits. Translating these documents to HTML is rather time consuming.

Pilot's Operating Instructions for Pursuit
Instructions for pilots transitioning into pursuit (fighter) aircraft at Brownsville Army Air Base, Brownsville, Texas
The Turbosupercharger and the Airplane Power Plant
A January 1943 document from General Electric, explaining in detail the workings of the turbosupercharger.
Hurricane Pilot's Notes
Figures only (for now) from Pilot's Notes for Hurricane IIA, IIB, IIC, IID and IV. Rest to follow.
Design Analysis of the P-47 Thunderbolt
A detailed explanation of the construction of the P-47, originally published in 1945.
Design Analysis of the Zeke 32 (Hamp)
Reprint of a 22-page detailed analysis of the Mitsubishi A6M3 Zero, originally published in AVIATION magazine - date not specified.

Note: The  Zeke 32 design analysis article is very large due to the many images and loads slowly over a dial-up connection. I plan to separate the article into sections soon.

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