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World War I & The Blue Max Movie Images

I will be adding some more WWI aircraft images to this page as soon as time allows. You might also want to look at the WWI Drawings, Sketches and Artwork page.

My father, Ernest L. Wilson in France in WWI My father, Ernest L. Wilson, served in the First World War, going to France in 1917. Originally an army engineer private, he was promoted to Army Field Clerk and assigned to Gen. Pershing's staff. The train in the background is the one Pershing's command staff occupied.
Blue Max replica Pfalz D.III at Hartlee Field The replica Pfalz D.III built by Personal Plane Services for The Blue Max in the old WWII hangar at Hartlee Field. It was repainted silver and marked as an aircraft flown by Werner Voss. This is also referred to as the "Bianchi" Pfalz in some notes.
My Fokker Dr.I Triplane replica at an air show Sold

My own replica Fokker Dr.I Triplane. Lots of red! This aircraft has been sold to a good home. Here is more info on the plane.

sacover.JPG - 7.2 K Since late 1984 until recently, I owned and flew this Fokker Dr.I Triplane replica, which was featured in both the December 1980 and March 1983 issues of the EAA's Sport Aviation. It is considered by many to be one of the best built Triplane replicas in the US.
My "Red Baron" uniform Shortly after I acquired my Fokker Dr.I Triplane, I was able to purchase a replica uniform, copied directly from one of von Richthofen's, so it was said. The Pour le Merit (Blue Max) and other decorations are real. But that, along with flying The Blue Max movie planes that made it to America, is another story, eh?
apwbds.JPG - 8.5 K An article in the March/April 1988 issue of Air Progress Warbirds by Bill Van Orman tells some of the story of The Blue Max movie airplanes at Hartlee Field, TX. I flew all that we got airworthy, or should I say, in the air. Most did not fly very well, especially in the hot Texas summers.

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