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In the early 1980s, a group called the Fighting Air Command (FAC) was formed to fly WWII aircraft. Then, a number of the aircraft used in making the movie The Blue Max came up for sale in Ireland, and were purchased and shipped to Hartlee Field, near Denton, Texas. There, many of the planes were reassembled and flown by members, including myself. These are some notes and other documents either received with the planes or developed by myself to help others fly them. The F.A.C. was disbanded in the late 1980s and both the WWII and WWI aircraft sold to various new owners. There are also some photos of WWI aircraft, including my own Dr.I Triplane and other Blue Max planes, plus my father, who served in France in WWI. An_Aeroplane_on_the_Stocks_sm.jpg (16106 bytes)
Fighting Air Command's Blue Max Aircraft
A list and description of The Blue Max movie planes owned by the F.A.C.
Original Pilot's Notes for Blue Max Aircraft
Notes for the original movie pilots on the replica WWI planes used in the movie
Constructors' Notes and Instructions for Use, Fokker D.VII-65
The builders notes and specs for the three full-size Fokker D.VII replicas in the movie
Pilot's Notes for the Stampe SV-4c
My own pilot's notes for our dual-control trainer, used to get pilots ready for the WWI replicas
World War I Aircraft and Other Images
Photos of WWI aircraft, including Blue Max planes, and some of my father from WWI
World War I Drawings, Sketches and Artworks
Images other than original photographs of WWI, including some faked? photos of aerial combat

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