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Added Design Analysis of the Zeke 32 (Hamp) reprint about the Mitsubishi A6M3 Zero.  6 August 2004

Added three articles to the Unofficial Dispatch Archive and added an easy to copy link to the articles.  4 August 2004

Updated some more links.  27 July 2004

Deleted further bad links and did some minor updates to Triplane pages. I'm hoping to add new content to the web over the next few weeks, as time allows, including further Dispatch articles. Also looking at creating a new domain for this site. More later.  20 July 2004

Deleted bad links. 26 Oct 2003

Added some images of the FAC Blue Max planes. Other minor updates begun. 10 Mar 2003

Deleted bad links. 29 June 2001

Added recent images of the Triplane. 3 June 2001

Updated the home page and added some new links. 19 May 2001

Added articles Is Aerial Warfare Doomed? and Where is Our Air Power? to WWII Stories section and reorganized section on its own. More articles when I have time. 1 Oct 2000

Few minor updates on the home page and included an asking price for my Triplane. Also a new section of recently submitted aviation links. Verified links. 23 Aug 2000

Fixed misc. navigation problems caused by transfer to new servers. Moved the Unofficial Dispatch Archive to its own web site and stored articles into a database as an example of web publishing. 4 Jan 2000

Updated links to the new official CAF and AAHM web sites, verified other links. 3 Jan 2000

Updated and verified links. Sorry, been to busy with work to do much new here. 18 Oct 99

Added some new Dispatch articles and links. 28 Aug 99

Updated and verified links section. 4 June 99

Added streaming video clips of my Triplane. 3 June 99

Adding new  articles about the TBF/TBF Avenger to the Dispatch Archive. 11 May 99

Solution to Mystery Plane #6 provided. No new Mysteries for a while, as I'm working on a new online aviation quiz/trivia segment to replace or augment the Mystery Planes section. Please check back to see what turns up. 17 Apr 99

Mystery Plane #6 posted. 26 Feb 99

Added P-63 and Lend-Lease articles to the Dispatch Archive. 10 Feb 99

Mystery Plane #5 posted and added a link. 9 Feb 99

Added WWII Art section, with artwork added to several pages. 7 Feb 99

Some web files corrupted - had to reload with a few clean ups. 2 Feb 99

Mystery Plane #4 is now up for your enjoyment. 16 Jan 99

Added to the Not So Famous section and updated a few links including those to Jeff Ethell. 13 Dec 98

OK, another Mystery Plane - you guys are getting too good. A few general cleanups of image descriptions, etc. 11 Dec 98

Posted new Mystery Plane and solution to Prior Mystery. 10 Dec 98

Added latest Dispatch articles on Grumman F6F and The Fleet Aircraft Carrier. Also a new feature in the Not So Famous section, Mystery Planes, sort of a Guess-A-Plane fun page, plus a WWI Drawings, Sketches and Artworks section. 28 Nov 98

Moved web to our new domain. Please redo your bookmarks to http://rwebs.net/avhistory/  15 Sep 98

Added more images of my Dr.I Triplane for sale. 15 Sep 98

Added latest Dispatch articles on Curtiss SB2C Helldiver. 5 Sep 98

A Naval Aviator
A short, humerous composition, supposedly written by a fifth-grader, added to the Stories & Humor section. 15 July 98

Added more links and reorganized the links page. 4 July 98

Added some new links. 26 June 98

Added info on my Fokker Dr.I Triplane replica for sale. 16 June 98

Added the Vultee O-47/L-1 Vigilant to Not So Famous Aircraft of WWII, Little Known section. 5 May 98

Dilbert - The Navy's Original Foulup
The original Dilbert cartoon character has helped teach safety to U.S. naval aviators from 1942 into the jet age. It is in the Stories & Humor section. 4 May 98
Design Analysis of P-47 Thunderbolt
Added to the Ops Manuals section. Originally published in 1945, it contains detailed construction information, plus drawings of major components.
Not So Famous Aircraft of WWII
This sections starts off with some WWII rotorcraft and a few less well known planes, plus some failures.
Japan Is NOT an Air Power
A very interesting January 1941 article reprinted in the Stories & Humor section.
Ghost Squadron Aircraft
Brief development and service history of many of the aircraft of the CAF Ghost Squadron. Illustrated mostly from the new Corel CAF photo-CD.

Web Changes

I originally designed and published this web site using basically hand-written HTML, aided a bit by the HotDog editor. However, after trying out Microsoft's FrontPage 98 (I didn't much care for the earlier versions), I liked its ability to provide global and other navigation bars, plus keep up with links when they were moved or renamed. So, I have republished the whole site using FP98. This brings some new looks and some new structure, as I got tired of the "blue" look of the old site. I revamped one of the FP98 themes into my own and hope it works for all. If not, please let me know.

Aviation History Questions

I get a number of questions forwarded to me from the CAF and AAHM official web sites, plus those that come from folks who find this site. I try to answer as many as I can, but sometimes things get stacked up and it may be days or even a couple of weeks before I can reply. If you think I have forgotten you, please drop me an email again. I really don't have access to records of the history of specific aircraft or aircrews, unless they were involved in some significant action or event. I use my own personal library as a primary resource, plus a few sites on the internet. I do also have access to the AAH Museum library and the CAF maintenance library but neither has a complete catalog or index yet, so finding things may take a bit of time. If after looking over this site, you can't find an answer or think I may be of help, you can email me at avhistory@rwebs.net. Fly safe. Randy

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