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Cockpit, Port
Cockpit, Port Instrument Panel Cockpit, Stbd Fuel System

Pilot's Notes
Hurricane IIA, IIB, IIC, IID and IV Aircraft
Merlin XX Engine

Reproduced from a copy of Air Publication 1564B&D, published by the Air Ministry, from the author's collection.

Cockpit, Port Side

h_fig1.JPG - 80.64 K

  1. Radio contactor master switch
  2. Cockpit light dinner switch
  3. Generator switch
  4. Oil dilution pushbutton
  5. Landing lamp control lever
  6. Oxygen supply cock
  7. Throttle lever (incorporating pushbutton)
  8. Socket for footage indicator plug
  9. Wedge plate for camera gun footage indicator
  10. Propeller speed control
  11. Cannon master switch
  12. Compass light dinner switch
  13. Cockpit light
  14. Cockpit light dinner switch
  15. Landing lamp switch
  16. Friction adjuster
  17. Supercharger control
  18. Fuel cock control
  19. R.T.9D contactor switch
  20. Radio contactor
  21. Undercarriage emergency release Lever
  22. Fuel tank pressurising control
  23. Rudder trimming tab control
  24. Elevator trimming tab control
  25. Recognition device selector lever
  26. Radiator flap control lever
  27. Heated clothing socket
  28. Cannon cocking lever
  29. Microphone/telephone socket
  30. Hood catch control
  31. Voltmeter

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