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Cockpit, Stbd
Cockpit, Port Instrument Panel Cockpit, Stbd Fuel System

Pilot's Notes
Hurricane IIA, IIB, IIC, IID and IV Aircraft
Merlin XX Engine

Reproduced from a copy of Air Publication 1564B&D, published by the Air Ministry, from the author's collection.

Cockpit, Starboard Side

h_fig3.JPG - 60.05 K

  1. Cylinder priming pump
  2. Cockpit light
  3. Cockpit light dimmer switch
  4. Signalling switch box
  5. Container jettison pushbutton
  6. Slow-running cut-out
  7. Windscreen de-icing pump
  8. Emergency exit panel jettison lever
  9. Bomb fusing and selector switches
  10. Sutton harness release
  11. I.F.F. master switch
  12. I.F.F. pushbuttons
  13. Hydraulic handpump
  14. Flap indicator
  15. Drop tank fuel cock control
  16. Drop tank jettison control
  17. Seat adjustment lever
  18. Undercarriage and flap selector lever
  19. Undercarriage selector safety catch

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