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Instrument Panel
Cockpit, Port Instrument Panel Cockpit, Stbd Fuel System

Pilot's Notes
Hurricane IIA, IIB, IIC, IID and IV Aircraft
Merlin XX Engine

Reproduced from a copy of Air Publication 1564B&D, published by the Air Ministry, from the author's collection.

Instrument Panel

h_fig2.JPG - 66.35 K

  1. Engine starter pushbutton
  2. Booster coil pushbutton
  3. Boost control cut-out
  4. Oxygen regulator
  5. Power failure warning light
  6. Cockpit ventilator
  7. Undercarriage indicator ON-OFF switch
  8. Undercarriage indicator change-over switch
  9. R.P. selector switch
  10. Undercarriage indicator
  11. Instrument flying panel.
  12. Reflector sight spare lamps
  13. Engine speed indicator
  14. Reflector sight switch
  15. Cockpit ventilator
  16. Boost gauge
  17. Fuel contents gauge selector switch
  18. Fuel contents gauge
  19. Fuel pressure warning light
  20. Radiator temperature gauge
  21. Beam approach master switch
  22. Beam approach master switch
  23. Oil pressure gauge
  24. Camera gun switch
  25. Navigation lights switch
  26. Pressure head heater switch
  27. Ignition switches

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