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6800 System
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AC-30 Cassette Interface

Been looking for a practical way to input and dump programs to your computer? Well your search is over.

With our new AC-30 Cassette Interface you will be able to store and input program data to any computer system having RS-232 serial interfaces and a UART circuit having an accessible 16X clock frequency. Data for­mat is the “Kansas City” standard which was selected for its tolerance of speed variations in the recording device. The AC-30 may be used with any cassette recorder of reasonable quality.

If both your computer and terminal have accessible 16X UART clocks and will operate at 300 baud - as do our 6800 computer and CT-1024 terminal system - the AC-30 may be used between the terminal’s serial interface and the computer’s control interface. This eliminates the need for a separate interface to drive the cassette unit. It also allows you to use the computer system’s tape load and dump routines built into Mikbug® or similar ROM software.

Independent control circuits are provided for two audio cassette recorders (not included in the kit). One recorder’s tape may be read while the second is recording a new updated tape; making it possible to generate new pro­gram tapes, data tapes and to create pro­gram object tapes while reading and assem­bling program source tapes. The operating mode for each recorder is selected by switches on the front panel and LED indi­cators show the mode that is selected at any particular time. Computer controlled record, play and motor control commands may be used with this system if they are available from the terminal being used. This feature is available on our CT-1024 terminal if the CT-CA cursor control card is installed.

The AC-30 is housed in a 12 3/4” x 3” x 12 ˝” aluminum chassis. It is powered by a self contained 115/230 Volt AC 50-60 Hz power supply. Data is FSK format using 1200 Hz and 2400 Hz at a 300 baud data rate. Recor­der speed tolerance need be only +/- 20%.

®Trademark Motorola

AC-30 Cassette interface Kit $79.50 PPd

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