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6800 System
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CT-1024 Alphanumeric Terminal System

The CT-1024 Terminal System is a low cost alphanumeric video terminal designed to display sixteen line of 32 characters/line on a standard video monitor or slightly modified black & white television set. Together with its low cost options it may be used to display messages and data on a TV screen, to communicate with either local or remote computer systems, such as the SWTPC 6800 Computer System; or to store and recover data from an audio cassette tape recorder.

The terminal system is an upper case only, 64 character set ASCII device. The static RAM memories store a total of 1024 characters. 512 of these are displayed on the screen while the other 512 are stored in memory and may be accessed and displayed just by flipping a page select switch. The terminal features hardware and software carriage return/line feed plus home up, erase to end-of-line and erase to end-of-frame functions.

The unit does not come with the pictured chassis, or keyboard and does not include the required video monitor or modified tele­vision set. Instructions for the addition of a video input jack to the television are included with the kit and a switch installed on the back of the TV set will allow one to select between terminal and normal television operation. The keyboard shown in the picture is a low cost option and must be purchased separately.

The system has been designed using flexible plug-together construction on solder coated, double-sided plated thru hole circuit boards. The terminal system including its full complement of plug-on option boards measures 12” L x 9 1/2” W x 4 1/2” H.

Because of limited space, many of the CT-1024 Terminal System and option board features could not be mentioned here. For complete information please write us and ask for document CT-01.

#CT-1024 Terminal System kit
(as described above)
$175.00 PPd
CT-1024 Terminal System with opt configured for Computer applications (with the SWTPC 6800)
order 1 ea. CT-1024, KBD-5, CT-P, CT-S, CT-CA
package price
$275.00 PPd

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