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6800 System
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GT-6144 Terminal System

The GT-6144 is a Graphic Terminal System that displays graphic data on a slightly modified black & white television set or standard video monitor. The terminal has its own 6,144 bit static RAM memory which eliminates the need to be used with a specific computer system. The terminal will operate with any computer system whose parallel interface outputs an 8 bit data word and “data ready” strobe. This includes “8080 type” and SWTPC 6800 Computer Systems.

The display screen is divided into an array of cells 64 wide x 96 high. Each cell is individually addressable and may be selectively turned ON or OFF by programmed commands from the computer. With a little imaginative programming fixed or moving images may be displayed on the screen for added enhancement to game programs. The photograph shows Startrek’s starship the “USS Enterprise” generated using the graphics terminal with our SWTPC 6800 Computer System. Memory cell data can be loaded in less than 2 microseconds; much faster than most micro-computers can generate the information. The system features a power-up screen blanking circuit which may be enabled or disabled at any time thru program commands from the computer system. In addition, a unique image reverse feature allows you to select between white on black or black on white images by a simple one word command generated by your com­puter’s program. The system will operate on either 50 Hz or 60 Hz power lines with American standard 525 line or European standard 625 line television sets or video monitors.

The unit is supplied less the chassis and does not include the required video monitor or modified television set. Instructions for the addition of a video input jack to the television are included with the kit. You may use the same television set or video monitor used by your CT-1024 terminal system. In fact, control commands from your computer allow you to display graphic, CT-1024 alphanumeric, or even a combination of the two, all on the same display device. Power requirements for the terminal are 5.0 VDC @2A, -12 VDC @20 Ma and 6 VAC @20 Ma. These requirements are met by the optional CT-P power supply.

#GT-61 Graphic Terminal System Kit $98.50 PPd in US
#CT-P Power Supply Kit for GT-61 $15.50 PPd in US

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