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The 8800b

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Front Cover
The 8800b
Floppy Disk
The 680b
Rear Cover

Redesigned front panel. Totally synchronous logic design. Same switch and LED arrangement as original Altair 8800. New back-lit Duralith (laminated plastic and mylar, bonded to aluminum) dress panel with multi-color graphics. New longer, flat toggle switches. Five new functions stored on front panel PROM including:  DISPLAY ACCUMULATOR (displays contents of accumulator), LOAD ACCUMULATOR (loads contents of the 8 data switches (A7-AO) into accumulator), OUTPUT ACCUMULATOR (outputs contents of accumulator to I/O device addressed by the upper 8 address switches), INPUT ACCUMULATOR (inputs to the accumulator from the I/O device), and SLOW (causes program execution at a rate of about 2 cycles per second for program debugging). Full 18 slot motherboard. New, heavy duty power supply +8 volts at 18 amps, 18 volts at 2 amps. 18 volts at 2 amps. 110 volt or 220 volt operation (50/60 Hz). Primary tapped for either high or low line operation.
Rugged, commercial grade Optima cabinet.
New front panel interface board buffers all lines to and from 8800b bus. New CPU board with SO8OA microprocessor and Intel 8224 clock generator and 8216 bus drivers. Clock pulse widths and phasing as well as frequency are crystal controlled. Compatible with all current Altair 8800 software and hardware.
Two, 34 conductor ribbon cable assemblies. Connects front panel board to front panel interface board. Eliminates need for complicated front panel/bus wiring.

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