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Floppy Disk

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The 8800b
Floppy Disk
The 680b
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with a floppy disk

The Altair Floppy Disk System is a mass memory storage system designed by MITS engineers exclusively for the Altair 8800 series microcomputers.

The Altair Floppy Disk System consists of a disk controller unit, up to 16 disk drive units, DOS (Disk Operating System), and Disk Extended BASIC.

The disk controller unit is two Altair plug compatible circuit boards that fit inside the 8800 chassis. Data is transferred to and from the disk at 250,000 bits/second. The disk controller can control up to 16 Altair Disk Drives. It controls timing functions via hardware to allow for the most efficient use of software.

The Disk Drive consists of a Pertec™ FD400 mounted in a case similar to the Altair 8800b case, power supply, and a buffer/address/line driver board. The Altair Disk format allows storage of over 300,000 bytes of memory on each diskette.

Altair Disk Extended BASIC provides the Altair 8800 series microcomputers with complete facility for reading or writing data files and for saving and loading program files.

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