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The 8800b
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with extensive software

MITS software has received industry wide acclaim for its efficiency and revolutionary features. Software for the Altair 8800 series microcomputers includes the following:

System monitor. Contains I/O drivers for system console, audio cassette interface, and high speed paper tape reader. Programs can be loaded from paper tape or cassette, memory locations examined and changed, and absolute programs dumped onto paper tape or cassette. 2.5K bytes.

Text editor. Line oriented editor used for editing of source programs. 2K bytes.

Assembler. Assembles source program in one pass from paper tape, cassette, or from the current Editor buffer. Object code is stored directly into memory as assembly progresses. 3K bytes.

Debug. Assembly language debugging package which allows the user to find and correct errors in a simple and effective manner. 2K bytes.

Altair BASIC. Includes many features not normally found in BASIC. These include Boolean operators, the ability to read or write a byte from any I/O port or memory location, multiple statements per line, and the ability to interrupt program execution and then continue after the examination of variable values.

Other features of Altair BASIC include variable length strings (up to 255 characters), with LEFT$, RIGHT$ and MID$ functions, a concatenation operator and VAL and STR$ to convert between strings and numbers. Both string and numeric arrays of up to 30 dimensions can be used. Nesting of loops and subroutine calls is limited only by available memory. Intrinsic functions include: SIN, COS, TAN, LOG, EXP, SQR, SGN, ABS. TNT, FRE, RND and POS. in addition to TAB and SPC in PRINT statements. 5.9K bytes.

Altair Extended BASIC. Features include INTEGER VARIABLES stored as double byte signed quantities ranging from -32768 to + 32768, DOUBLE-PRECISION variables, and PRINT USING which provides complete control over output format.

Other features of Altair Extended BASIC include ELSE clause in IF statements, LIST and DELETE commands, TRACE ON/OFF commands to monitor program flow, EXCHANGE statement, and the capacity for user defined functions with string arguments and values allowed. 10.2K bytes.

Altair Disk Extended BASIC. Allows user to save and recall programs and data files from the Altair Floppy Disk. Random access as well as sequential files are provided. Also simultaneous use of multiple data files. Utilities will format new disks, and print directories. User can write his own file access method or other special disk routine. Includes all features of Extended BASIC. 16K bytes.

Altair DOS. Disk Operating System allows users to assemble and edit 8080 assembler language programs stored on floppy disk. 12K bytes.

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