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The 8800b
Floppy Disk
The 680b
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Imagine a microcomputer with all the design savvy, ruggedness, and sophistication of the best minicomputers.

Imagine a microcomputer supported by dozens of interface, memory, and processor option boards. One that can be interfaced to an indefinite number of peripheral devices including dual floppy discs, CRTís, line printers, cassette recorders, video displays, paper tape readers, teleprinters, plotters, and custom devices.

Imagine a microcomputer supported by extensive software including Extended BASIC, Disk BASIC, DOS and a complete library of business, developmental, and industrial programs.

Imagine a microcomputer that will do everything a mini will do, only at a fraction of the cost.

You are imagining the Altairô 8800b. The Altair 8800b is here today, and it may very well be the mainframe of the 70ís.

The Altair 8800b is a second generation design of the most popular microcomputer in the field, the Altair 8800. Built around the 8800A microprocessor, the Altair 8800b is an open ended machine that is compatible with all Altair 8800 hardware and software. It can be configured to match most any system need.


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