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Allison Starting
Power & RPM Allison Starting Curtiss Prop P-39 P-40N-20 P-47 P-51 P-63 Power Tables

Section II -- Allison Starting Procedures

The following is the correct starting procedure for all ALLISON power aircraft: (P-40, P-39, P-51).

  1. Have the propeller pulled through by hand if the ship has set for more than two hours. (switch off).
  2. Turn the fuel selector to the proper tank:
    1. P-39 RESERVE
    2. P-40 FUSELAGE
    3. P-51 LEFT MAIN
  3. Throttle cracked one inch.
  4. Mixture Control in IDLE CUT OFF.
  5. Propeller Control to FULL INCREASE RPM.
    1. Curtiss Electric Propellers:
      1. Selector switch to AUTOMATIC.
      2. Circuit breaker ON.
      3. Propeller Control to FULL INCREASE RPM.
  6. Generator Switch ON.
  7. Battery Switch OFF when the battery cart is used.
  8. Carburetor air in the RAM or UNFILTERED position.
  9. Fuel Boost pump ON.
  10. Start to energize the starter.
  11. Prime the engine while energizing - 1 to 2 strokes if warm, 2 to 5 strokes if cold. Leave the primer unlocked.
  12. Fuel boost pump OFF.
  13. Turn Mag Switch to BOTH.
  14. Engage the starter, hold in engage until engine fires regularly.
  15. When engine fires move the Mixture Control to AUTO RICH, and turn the boost pump ON.
    1. Keep the engine running with the primer if necessary.
    2. When the engine fires regularly release the starter switch and LOCK THE PRIMER.
  16. Oil pressure must be established within 30 seconds or engine must be shut OFF.
  17. Check engine driven fuel pump by turning the boost pump off for a few seconds and then back ON.
  18. Limit the RPM to 1000-1200 until minimum temperatures are established.

Standard Stopping Procedure

  1. Propeller in FULL INCREASE RPM.
    1. Curtiss Electric Propellers - Selector switch to AUTOMATIC.
  2. Clear the engine.
  3. With the throttle at 1000 RPM move the mixture control to IDLE CUT-OFF.
  4. When the engine quits firing, move the throttle slowly open.
  5. Turn the Mag Switch OFF after the propeller stops turning.
  6. Fuel selector OFF.
  7. All cockpit switches OFF.

Correction for Over Primed Engine

  1. Ignition switch OFF.
  2. Throttle OPEN.
  3. Mixture Control in IDLE CUT-OFF.
    1. Boost pump off.
  4. Pull propeller through four or five revolutions.
  5. Make normal start without prime.

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